Shri Baldedas Charitable Trust's Manav Parivar
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About Us
Our Mission
Our Philosophy
Our Motto
About Baldevdas Charitable Trust and Manav Parivar
Shri Baldevdas Charitable Trust was founded almost four decades ago and subsequently registered in 1968 as an established charitable organization. The fundamental principles relate to social welfare so as to meet our obligation to assist the needy families of society socially, physically, spiritually, mentally and economically

The strong cultural belief remains that all humans regardless of race, creed, caste, religion, language etc. who are unable to help themselves should be looked after by social organization. In order to take care of such extensive activities, Shri Baldevdas Charitable Trust sponsored and created a wing of volunteer's team which is known as "MANAV PARIVAR" based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and also in Pennsylvania, USA.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to bring about social reform by improving the quality of life of the underprivileged in our Society. And considering the numerous activities through which it intended to do so, it became necessary to give birth to a volunteer wing. We called it Manav Parivar. Literally translated from Sanskrit, it means ‘a family of humans’. And that’s precisely what our little group is all about – humanity! To us, Vasudaiva kutumbakam – the world is our family. Manav Parivar. A place where there are no men, women or children – only humans. A place where strangers greet strangers, and they are no longer strangers.
Our Philosophy
Ours is not a cult or a sect. We do not believe in any propaganda or preaching. We believe in doing our work quietly, and letting our actions speak for us. At Manav Parivar, all people are equal – irrespective of caste or creed, social or financial standing, education or vocation. There is no hierarchy of any sort, and nobody looks down on anybody. There is dignity of labor in any task that needs to be performed. To us, the activities that induce humility, are but a means to realize God. For us, what we do is important – who does it, isn’t. We believe in completely vanquishing the Ego – the Self. Name and fame mean little to us.

There are three things that attract us in a person – a love for principles, absence of discrimination, and performance of dedicated service. In fact, Manav Parivar is a common platform where there’s only one religion – the religion of selfless service. Service, that believes only in giving – expecting nothing in return. Why? Because there’s no joy as great as the ‘Joy of Giving’. Because the true essence of humanity, is a burning desire to do something for someone. We believe that in helping others get ahead, we ourselves get ahead in life.

We merely aim to bring about spiritual upliftment in the name of the Lord, by doing our bit to serve Mankind..
Our Motto is:
Maanav je peed parayi jaane. “He is a Human, who feels the sorrow of others.” We do not neglect even the smallest issue, because for us, no issue is too small – everything and everybody is equally important