Shri Baldedas Charitable Trust's Manav Parivar
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Medical Camp at Matar, Kheda:

Medical Camp Only Two Days in Month:
On 2nd & 4th Sunday Of Every Month Only
Medical Camp Dates:
January, 2020
12th January, 2020, Sunday
26th January, 2020, Sunday
February, 2020
09th February, 2020, Sunday
23rd February, 2020, Sunday
March, 2020
08th March, 2020, Sunday
22nd March, 2020, Sunday
April, 2020
12th April, 2020, Sunday
26th April, 2020, Sunday
Medical Camp Address:
Seva Tirth, Manav Parivar - Matar, Kheda, Nadiyad, Gujarat
Medical Camp Timing:
06:00 AM To 11:00 AM
Ram Roti
Food Gains Distribution
Medical Aid/ Camps
Cultural/Spiritual Advancement
Monthly Magazine
Yoga Related Education
Photo Gallery
Pictures of 30th January 2009, India
Pictures of 30th January 2009, USA
Video Gallery
Pujya MorariBapu on Manav & ManavParivar Part - 1
Pujya MorariBapu on Manav & ManavParivar Part - 2
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Manav Parivar is devoted to social reform and for the betterment of disadvantaged people of our society. The members of Manav Parivar come from all walks of life: industrialists, businessmen, doctors, engineers, lawyers, educated, uneducated, rich or poor, regardless of their faith in religion.

The message of "Manav Parivar" is that a human becomes "the human" in real sense of humanity by developing, understanding and experiencing the quality of life. The basic needs, materialistic (food, medicines, clothes, education, etc.) as well as spiritual for social prosperity are attempted to provide by Manav Parivar.

About Baldevdas Charitable Trust & Manav Parivar
Shri Baldevdas Charitable Trust was founded almost four decades ago and subsequently registered in 1968 as an established charitable organization. The fundamental principles relate to social welfare so as to meet our obligation to assist the needy families of society socially, physically, spiritually, mentally and economically

The strong cultural belief remains that all humans regardless of race, creed, caste, religion, language etc. who are unable to help themselves should be looked after by social organization. In order to take care of such extensive activities, Shri Baldevdas Charitable Trust sponsored and created a wing of volunteer's team which is known as "MANAV PARIVAR" based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and also in Pennsylvania, USA.
Our Source of Inspiration
Whatever we are today, is solely due to the inspiration we have derived from
Shri Baldevdasji. He was a man among men. A simple, yet great man – who had
no airs. He led an exemplary life dedicated to the service of Mankind. People came
to him to discuss their problems, confident that he would provide some workable

Shri Baldevdasji’s guiding principles continue to light our path in this often dark and
dreary world, as we attempt to lighten the load of others. His message to the world


“Live simply, practice self-restraint, shun praise, care for Man and Nature,
and make yourself as useful as possible to others. But in fulfilling your social
obligations, do not forget your obligation to your Soul – the very root of all
Creation. You will not attain God by running away from the world – because
the world itself is God!”

Quote of the Week
"Perfect peace is attained when the mind is withdrawn from the objects of sense and freed entirely from all the inrush of thoughts and made to dwell upon the absolute Being, GOD, who is at once Truth, Knowledge and Bliss."
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